CarePlus Nurse Call and Messaging System™ is a new 3rd generation IP based Nurse Call System specifically designed and integrated to provide a highly reliable (available 24 x 7 x 365) and easily maintainable system for use in hospitals, nursing homes and other acute care facilities.

  • Our unique approach to Nurse Call Systems

CarePlus™ Nurse Call and Messaging System has over 280 implementations worldwide. Integrates with smart 'phones, tablet PCs and legacy nurse call systems.

  • CarePlus™ Nurse Call System Case Studies

Read how CarePlus™ nurse call system has revolutionised Holly House Hospital in London and Esperance Aged Care Facility in Western Australia

  • How does CarePlus™ solve major healthcare issues today?

CarePlus™ improves alarm management procedures by ensuring that the correct/assigned caregiver is notified of alarms whilst decreasing alarm broadcasting, reducing the likelihood of alarm fatigue for clinicians.

  • Smart Devices in Health Care

CarePlus™ improves your workflow efficiency and call bell response time, significantly improving patient satisfaction via CarePlus™ smartphone integration enabling the right caregiver to receive the right message ...

  • CarePlus™ Partners Wanted

We are always looking to add to our worldwide network of highly skilled resellers to install, service and support our range of CarePlus™ products. Please contact us to find out more information about our partner program.

  • How to contact us

USA: +1 408 399 9196

Europe/UK: +44 20 7193 0072 Australia: +61 8 9242 7407 info.usa@niq-health.com
CarePlus™ Mobile Connect for nurse call systems

New Privacy & Medical Devices Legislation affects Hospitals and Doctors

CarePlus™ Mobile Connect solves challenges for heatlthcare organisations presented by smartphone and mobile technology when attempting to protect patient privacy.

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Unregulated medical devices used extensively across Australian hospitals

The installation and use of non-clinically regulated Nurse Call Life Safety Systems across Australian healthcare facilities is of growing concern.

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CarePlus™ helps combat Alarm Fatigue

CarePlus™ integration to Smartphones and devices with Mobile Connect allows for more advanced alarm management.Alarms and messages no longer need to be broadcast as they are sent directly to the assigned clinician.

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Our CarePlus™ Gold Partners

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NiQ Heath supplies CarePlus™ one of the most advanced IP based care management systems for hospitals, acute/aged care & nursing homes.

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